Business Process Design & Build

How much are you using your existing IT systems ?

With demand for software systems and applications growing at an exponential rate, are you finding that more and more you are implementing software almost on an On-Demand basis. Once this starts to happen, your processes begin to fracture and in some cases will break. Long gone are the days when the number of software applications was limited. It did however mean that new employees often had a knowledge of a piece of software, even if they hadn’t used it. Now, there are so many systems and mobile apps that everyone wants to use, you can end up with a whole host of similar (but different) apps being employed by your staff.

Its unfortunate but this if quite often the case in smaller businesses, where a standard set of ‘rules’ have not been defined. Its easier just to let employees use whichever app is their preferred option. This is made worse by many organisations allowing for a ‘BYOD’ environment or allowing staff to make changes to the setup of their business mobile phones. This inevitably means that your systems stop talking to each other and staff revert to using printed documents or email to make requests to other staff, when the systems should be integrated and helping.

Here at Assured Consulting Limited, we can help to review the software in place along with new requirements. We can then help to design and implement new ‘Business Processes’ to improve the flow of information around the business. With some applications, we can design and build workflows to take the monotony out of repetitive processes and improve the overall experience for your staff.



The General Data Protection Regulations came into force on 25 May 2018. By this date you should have implemented inward and outward looking changes to your systems and processes in order to be compliant.

Don’t regard this date as a one off target, from that date you must be able to demonstrate compliance.

So What Are The Issues ?

There is a lot of information around about GDPR, but the key point is that you need to ensure that you know that any personal data you hold is secure, not held without permission and its all accessible only by the relevant parties. Sounds easy doesn’t it but where do you start ?

What Is The Solution ?

Here at Assured Consulting Limited we can provide you with all the answers. We’re here to carry out whatever level of guidance you require. From a simple discussion to make you aware of what is covered by the GDPR changes, to helping you implement appropriate changes to processes and documentation, or even providing you ongoing support as your appointed ‘Data Protection Officer’. If you don’t know what assistance you need, you have nothing to lose by contacting us.

Virtual IT

Assured Consulting Limited can take a lot of your concerns and worries around your IT system off the table.
It is unreasonable to expect that a member of staff should be capable of keeping up to date with everything concerning your IT systems, when this is likely to be in addition to their normal work. You are employing them for their specific expertise but in some cases they may be spending anything up to 30%-40% of their time looking after the IT. Even if they only spend 10% of their time, how much is this costing in lost opportunity to the business.
This situation has generally come about because of an interest in IT that a senior member of staff has and because of this they end up handling the systems side of things. You may have outsourced your IT system general support, but do you trust them to give advice on anything outside of the existing remit. Often you wont – you know your business much better than they do.
This is where Assured Consulting Limited can help and guide you. The assumption is always that to relieve the responsibility of the systems from your senior staff, you have to employ an IT Manager. You’ve already decided that it only takes up part of the day, so why not talk to us about how we can help to provide the knowledge and support to take your business forward.